Sunday, February 18, 2007

Standing Tall

The good news is that Aerin can now stand unsupported and unassisted! She's been doing it without noticing it for a few days. When she noticed, she started doing it deliberately. She is very proud of herself.

Aerin actually took 2 steps today. I'm not counting them as her first steps, though. She was standing near me and started to wobble, so she took the steps in the course of propelling herself forward. I caught her, of course.

The bad news is that Aerin has learned how to take off her diaper. We discovered this when we went to get her from her nap. It wasn't pretty. No more sleeping without pants.

I am working on the Lobby Day post, but I've been having weird log-in problems and it's a long post besides.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Aerin & Grandma

Aerin's Grandma Rita came down from New York to visit her. After some initial tears and pouting, Aerin had a wonderful time playing with her grandmother.

Aerin and I will be heading to the Virginia State Legislature tomorrow for the March of Dimes Lobby Day. I'll post a full report, plus pictures, on Thursday.

Hope y'all are keeping warm.