Tuesday, February 12, 2008

March of Dimes Luncheon

We had fun. Aerin decided to feed me pieces of bread just as Lisa Schaffner asked me what her name was. We met a 24-weeker (now 1 year adjusted), which is always exciting. Baby Julia is the first white 24-weeker I've ever met (black preemies do much better - I know several black 24-weekers and even two black 23.5-weeker girls), which shows how rapidly neonatal technology is advancing. It was the first time Miss Sarah and Miss Jamie have seen Aerin since before her surgery and growth spurt and they were amazed at her two shoulders and her height.

Aerin is now 37 inches tall and weights 29 pounds! Clothes shopping for her has become much more of a challenge.

Tomorrow is Lobby Day.

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Anne/kq said...

Sounds like she's built like Emma! I have some sources for clothes that come in "slim" sizes, and know which brands run large/small and so will fit better/worse, if you ever want to know...